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CeCe Caldwell's Paint Colors for Farmhouse Style

see cece caldwell's farmhouse palette for painted furniture projects from vintage bette

Farmhouse style is hot hot hot and it doesn't seem to be cooling off.  If you are creative and enjoy painting furniture, up cycling home decor and accents or you make your own painted wood projects these colors are the best choices from CeCe Caldwell's to help you achieve a farmhouse look.  

Dover White Wash is an incredibly versatile paint.  I have done so many fantastic projects with this paint.  It can be used to white wash anything, but can also be painted on in layers.  When painted on like any white paint it creates a sensational depth that really can't be reproduced any other way.  Dover is also handy to have around to lighten other colors as it has no pigment (like a traditional white wash).


white washed terra cotta pots using Dover White Wash by CeCe's Paints from Vintage Bette


Vintage White is our go-to white color for any and all furniture.  Who doesn't love a creamy white dresser/buffet/end table?

farmhouse end table with vintage white by cece's


Beckley Coal is another great color--especially if you are unsure what color to paint your furniture and you have stained wood furniture in the same room.  Painting your old furniture Beckley Coal gives it an instant update.  It is simple and easy with great coverage.  Instantly classic like this theater room bar area we painted.

beckley coal is an instant classic and gives old furniture an update from vintage bette


Urban Farmhouse Co. recently restyled this fabulous Ethan Allen buffet with Beckley Coal and it is definitely a classic.

cece caldwell's beckley coal on a restyled ethan allen buffet by urban farmhouse co


Duck Blue is a new color and quickly becoming a favorite of The Urban Farmhouse...

adorable desk painted duck blue by cece caldwell's by urban farmhouse co

French Quarter Gray and Beaufort Blue are also new and gaining momentum among the farmhouse crowd but Smoky Mountain Gray is and always will be a fantastic accent color for a hall or coffee table like this one.

CeCe's Paints Smoky Mountain Gray is a great farmhouse color for painted furniture


Young Kansas Wheat looks great paired with any of CeCe Caldwell's other colors.  It's great here with a stain but I also love it with Newport Navy and Beckley Coal.

young kansas wheat is a light khaki that looks great with anything farmhouse


What's your favorite farmhouse color?  

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