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10 Painted Christmas Projects

I am sure I am not the only one getting ready for Christmas, as a matter of fact, when I visit Pinterest and my favorite blogs I feel I am behind even though this is the earliest I have ever began my project list!  I have recently started selling CeCe Caldwell's Chalk + Clay Paints here at as well as in my booth at Willowstone Antique Marketplace in Colorado Springs so I am making an effort to focus on projects involving painting so everyone can see what a great product I have discovered!

Christmas Projects with CeCe Caldwell's Paint in Colorado Springs.

These are my favorite 10 painted Christmas Projects I found on Pinterest.  They can be used to decorate your own home or given as gifts to beautify someone else's holiday as well.  As I complete these projects (this should not be construed as a commitment for completion of all projects, mind you) I will post them on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and I will write a blog update adding my two cents and/or tweaking the how-tos as I learn from my mistakes (I am sure there will be many).

My new house has a mantle-less fireplace.  I designed it this way intentionally even though my mantle has traditionally been a favorite place to add style and decorate for the holidays and seasons.  There were a couple of reasons for this.  One being the tile and fireplace we chose was so gorgeous and expensive and modern that I couldn't bear to make a decision about the mantle.  The second is that my husband really is a minimalist and having no mantle ensures I do not go overboard with candlesticks, chalkboards or whatever trending design element will fit.  At Christmas the fireplace is not complete without stockings and with no mantle I have no place to hang them.  I will have to come up with something.  Here is one solution I found it at BlogHer but it was originally posted by Imperfectly Polished.  UPDATE

Make a hand painted stocking hanger with CeCe Paint in Colorado Springs.

UPDATE:  We made a free standing stocking holder from an old bannister and some coat hooks.  We used wooden shelf brackets as a base and while it isn't the most elegant foundation it works well and doesn't take up too much space.  We have had up to 6 completely full/overflowing stockings hanging and never has it even swayed.

DIY Free Standing Stocking Holder with CeCe Caldwell's Beech Nut Gray Stain & Finish

Free Standing Stocking Holder with Beech Nut Gray Stain & Finish by Vintage Bette

Free Standing Stocking Holder by Vintage Bette stained with Beech Nut Gray CeCe's


This next project is one of my favorites for any season.  If you find an old framed print or just a simple wooden frame you love you can paint it any color and fill it with a chalkboard.  This example is from Thistlewood Farms, one of my favorite blogs for inspiration!

Chalkboard decor with CeCe Paint in Colorado Springs.

Mason Jars are still a trend in design and decor and here is an adorable hand made luminary (or holder of straws, pencils, brushes, etc.) from Maison Depax, another of my favorite blogs.

Painted Mason Jar decor with CeCe Caldwell's Paint in Colorado Springs.

UPDATE:  We did a Mason jar project for Valentine's Day with CeCe's Chalk + Clay Paints.

DIY Painted Mason Jar Decor by Vintage Bette with CeCe Caldwell's Paints

My garage is always littered with scraps of wood in various sizes and unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years you are aware of the power of a well-worded, well-placed sign.  These signs can be made multi-season by adding a phrase on the other side appropriate for winter, Valentine's Day or a generic all-season one.  I found this tutorial at The Budget Decorator but there are a TON of them in cyberspace!  

Hand painted sign for Christmas with CeCe Caldwell's Paint in Colorado Springs.


UPDATE:  And here is the Vintage Bette version completed with CeCe Caldwell's Chalk + Clay Paints in Vintage White and Jersey Tomato.

JOY sign handprinted with CeCe Caldwell's Chalk + Clay Paints from Vintage Bette

Since there are so many tutorials out there and since vintage painted wooden signs is such a versatile project I have another example for you from Robb ReStyle.

Hand painted sign for Christmas with CeCe Paint in Colorado Springs.

Pallet projects are also trending now and here is a resource for 25 ways to make pallet wood Christmas Trees at DesignRulz.

Make a pallet Christmas Tree with CeCe Caldwell's Paint in Colorado Springs.

If you are looking for a simple, high-impact project that can stay up throughout winter check out this tutorial for making craft stick snowflakes at Crafty Nest.

Craft Stick Snowflakes to decorate for Christmas and winter with CeCe Caldwell's Paint in Colorado Springs.

For a budget friendly project you can create painted rocks like the ones I found at Fler (this website isn't in English but I am confident the average crafter can look at this picture and come up with a reasonable reproduction without a step-by-step how-to.  If not try google translate!).  UPDATE:  Our new Sample Collections are perfect for this project and since originally writing this post the whole 'painted rock' trend has exploded so order the Holiday Sampler and get to painting!

Another budget friendly project is painted pine cones.  I found a post for 25 pine cone projects like these at Craftaholics Anonymous.

hand painted pine cone projects with CeCe Paint in Colorado Springs.

At Just the Bee's Knees I found a great post about painting canvases to use in your holiday decor.

 Painted canvas with CeCe Caldwell's Paints in Colorado Springs.

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