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My Newest Must-Have Paint Brush for Painting Furniture

This is a spontaneous post and it will be a short one.  I love painting furniture.  It's what I do.  I also love any and every tool which makes painting furniture easier, better and more fun.  So I have to share my newest find.  My new must have, can't live without it paint brush. 

must have paint brush for painting furniture with cece caldwell's chalk + clay paints in co

I found this a couple of weeks ago at Lowe's.  I hadn't ever seen it before but it may have been there all along, flying under my radar...This one is by Z!bra and it's the 'Square'.  On the packaging it says it is for windows and ledges.  It seemed like it might be really handy for doors and drawers and trim of I got one.  Then it sat on my work table for a week or 10 days until I pulled it out a couple of days ago and used it on some drawers and doors from a buffet I am restyling (that's a fancy word for painting it a new color with nice decorator's paint).  I have now decided I must get more of them and always have one at the ready.  This brush is the business!  I have visited the Z!bra site and they have a collection of amazing brushes for people like me so I encourage you to visit it!  They have some revolutionary stuff on there (IMHO).

must have paintbrushes for painting furniture in colorado springs

The packaging says it is for use with any and all paints and stains.  It is a super soft synthetic, which I love; it is angled, which I love; and it is square, which I love; and it is the perfect size for furniture trim!  It gets in all the nooks and crannies evenly and doesn't leave globs of paint in the corners.  YAY!  So go get one.  It's totally worth the $10.

New must-have paint brush for painting furniture with CeCe Caldwell's Chalk + Clay Paints

and here is one I found while getting that link for you...I had to order it too...and there are other sets of trim and ledge brushes on here too.  Apparently I have been under a rock but I am very glad to have discovered these, even if it's a couple of years late!

triangle must-have paint brush for painting furniture with CeCe Caldwell's Paints in Colorado

The pictures are also links to Amazon but I found the square one at Lowe's originally so I am sure you can find something similar at any hardware store you like!  Happy painting!

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