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DIY Martha Stewart-Inspired Chalkboard Nutcrackers

DIY Martha Stewart Inspired Chalkboard Nutcrackers by Vintage Bette

I have been meaning to do this project for 2 years.  I wanted to buy these at Lowe's a couple of Christmases ago but really had a hard time with the $30 per nutcracker price tag.  

Chalkboard Nutcracker by Allen & Roth at Lowe's

To get the look I wanted I was going to have to spend $60 and this is a fairly small scale item of decor.  Also, it is one I would likely tire of after a couple of years depending on the style I decided to 'invest' in.  The other ones I really liked were these by Martha Stewart for the Home Depot Home Decorator's Collection.  

Martha Stewart Chalkboard Nutcrackers for Home Depot Home Decorator

So I figured I would just DIY them.  It would be a great blog post too!  I figured I would just order some unfinished nutcrackers online whenever I felt like it.  You know, like a couple of weeks before Christmas...

unfinished nutcracker made into chalkboard nutcracker by vintage bette

Um, no.  Unfinished wooden nutcrackers proved to be a bit more challenging to purchase than I really was up to since I was just casually daydreaming while perusing Pinterest for Christmas decor.  

So last year came and went...I almost bought the Allen & Roth ones at Lowe's but instead invested in a new tree skirt (an adorable one--with 'the truck').  And a red metal 'woody' station wagon with a tree on top.  And a sled.  And I DIY'ed a freestanding stocking holder because I was mantle-less in the new house.  So I really did work hard and allocate my budget nicely.  

This year, before Halloween, even, I was at one of my favorite big box craft retailers when I saw unfinished wooden nutcrackers!  And of course they were on sale.  So, of course I had to get them.  I think they were $6.99 after I got 30% or 40% off of them.  I then bought a new can of Rustoleum Chalkboard Spray Paint (the big can--the BEST).

Then I spray painted them.  Then I sanded down a couple of rough edges and a drip mark or two in awkward places and I spray painted them again.  

Martha Stewart Inspired Chalkboard Nutcrackers by Vintage Bette

And now I have the nutcrackers.  For less than $20.  And they look great.  I decided to forego the white 'chalk' marks along all the seams like the Martha Stewart versions because I figured a) That's just one more way for me to mess it up; and b) I felt the stripes made them slightly more trendy (meaning I would tire of them that much faster).

Martha Stewart Inspired DIY Chalkboard Nutcrackers by Vintage Bette  

Have a wonderful Christmas Crafting Season and please share your projects with us at or tag us on Instagram @vintagebette. 


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