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New Paint & Wax Brush Starter Kits Available

When I first started painting furniture and home accents I would frequently under-budget a project or sell myself a little short on selling an item because of the added expenses of the little things I needed but that would not be listed in the budget.  

Things like the 2 different grits of sandpaper I had to buy because I didn't have it just lying around in the garage; or the finishing sponges which are so much nicer to use than the paper.  I would spend an hour looking for an old white t-shirt one of my kids had outgrown so I could cut it up into buffing cloths.  I was always needing a paint stirrer and could never find a paint can opener either.  These challenges inspired us to come up with Starter Kits for our customers at Vintage Bette.  

With our starter kits you can choose the level of quality you need/want/can afford and we supply those brushes along with all the little things you will also need.  The supplies that you usually can't buy individually but that you also don't need a bunch of when you are painting a dresser.  

Each of our kits comes with paint stirrers, nitrile gloves, 220 and 400 grit sandpaper, finishing sponges, tack cloth and a lint free cloth for buffing.  If you were to purchase these items at a hardware store you would spend much more than necessary for your project because you would be buying the amounts they have available and not the amounts you need for your project.  


I 'shopped' at my local Lowe's for these items we include in the kits and here are the prices for the smallest quantities I could find for each product.

  • $2.09--Nitrile Gloves (2-pack)
  • $3.47--finishing sponges (2-pack)
  • $4.98--220 grit sandpaper (5-pack)
  • $4.98--400 grit sandpaper (5-pack)
  • $12.98--lint free cotton cloths (8-pack)
  • $1.98--tack cloth (2-pack)

That adds up to $30.48!  Most people would not buy the cotton cloths and would probably go home and find an old t-shirt to cut up--so if that were the case you would still be spending $17.50 plus tax on items that really are no fun to buy.  

When putting together our starter kits we wanted our customers to be able to spend their project budget on the quality of the brushes instead of on the silly little odds and ends that are also needed for great results.  We wanted the pricing to be able to reflect the important brushes with which the great products are going to be applied and supply the sandpaper and tack cloth as close to free as possible.

The quality of brush is the most important factor after the quality of paint when restyling a piece of furniture.  A low quality brush is going to result in more brush strokes, an uneven finish, the use of more product and a generally poor user experience.  When I started buying good brushes to go along with the great products I was using I started seeing that I used much less of the pricey paint.  I also noticed a big difference in the brush strokes (or lack of) and evenness of the coats I was applying.  I also enjoyed the process more and even found the sanding and painting to be therapuetic.  

We came up with 3 different levels of Starter Kits for our customers.  The Starter Kit, the DIY-er Starter Kit, and the PRO Starter Kit.  



The Starter Kit comes with the bare minimum you would need to paint and wax a small dresser or table.  It includes the above-mentioned supplies but the star of the show is the Chalk Supply Paint & Wax Brush made with 100% natural white boar bristles.  This brush is fabulous and can apply paint as well as wax with proper care.  


Our DIY-er Starter Kit comes with the supplies as well as a Chalk Supply Paint & Wax Brush but also includes a large sized Furniture Painting Brush by Chalk Supply.  The Furniture Paint Brushes are so amazing and make the painting experience so nice.  They are made from 100% natural mixed boar bristles which means there are some white boar and some black boar which balances the durability of the bristles and creates a wonderful application.  


The PRO Starter Kit includes the best Wax Brush we offer--the Premium Wax Brush--as well as the largest size Furniture Paint Brush available.  Both of these brushes are made by Chalk Supply and are made with the highest quality, 100% natural boar bristles, bamboo handles and nickel ferrules.  The PRO kit also comes with a can opener and some extra sponges and paper for a bigger project.

In all these kits we were able to provide what we think is a great value in that your money will be spent on the quality of paint and wax brush in your kit with all the supplies basically thrown in for good measure.  We want everyone to experience restyling a project with high quality brushes as well as high quality products.   




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