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NEW Sample Collections by Vintage Bette

Introducing the newest product by Vintage Bette...

Vintage Bette's newest product is a sampler collection with choices of sample paints

The Sampler Collections

Blue/Green--Green/Blue Sampler from Vintage Bette   Light Neutrals Sampler collection from Vintage Bette    Baby It's Cold Sampler Collection by Vintage Bette

We have been speaking with our local customers and have learned many of them enjoy making hand painted signs, seasonal mason jars and other smaller-scale projects that really don't use very much paint.  

Hand Painted Christmas sign made with CeCe Caldwell's Chalk + Clay Paints from Vintage Bette

They still want to use high-quality paints and especially like our 100% natural, made in the USA products, they just don't need a quart--or even a 1/2 liter--at a time.  

These customers enjoy the fact that our paints are non-toxic, VOC-free and clean up easily with water because they like to work with their kids, grandkids, pets and friends all around them at the kitchen table instead of sequestered in the garage or shed.  

The user experience with CeCe Caldwell's Chalk + Clay Paints is stellar.  The paint goes on beautifully and covers well.  When a mistake is made it is easy to remedy with either a wet cloth or some sandpaper.  

Our paints, once sealed, will adhere to any surface making them ideal for crafters and artisans as well as my fellow furniture restyling fans since they can paint laminate, glass, ceramic, wood, plastic, fabric, tile, or anything else you can think of.

DIY Mason Jar Decor with CeCe Caldwell's Chalk + Clay Paints from Vintage Bette

How many times have you found a fantastic home accent on sale at a home decor store or craft store but it was the wrong color?  With CeCe's Paints you can take advantage of the great deal and also put a little bit of your own touch on it.

Home decor bargain restyle with CeCe Caldwell's Paints from Vintage Bette   Home decor restyle from clearance rack with CeCe's Paints from Vintage Bette

We came out with a few new sample collection products specifically designed to provide customers with the right amount of paint for smaller projects, such as hand painted signs, painted pillow covers, decor gifts, mason jars, ornaments, etc.  

These samplers are also perfect for up cycling picture frames, wooden salt and pepper shakers/grinders, shelves, storage crates, or just about anything else you might have in your home that needs updating.  A few of our customers also really love shopping thrift stores and garage sales for items they can repurpose or restyle.

They are also just right for testing different colors for furniture makeovers and coordinating with existing furniture, trim, floors and wall colors.  

Order a Sampler Collection from Vintage Bette today and create something fabulous!  (don't forget to share pictures on and instagram:  @vintagebette


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