Simply White

Simply White by Cece Caldwell's Chalk + Clay Paints is the purest white color available at Vintage Bette.  Vintage White has the tiniest bit of cream and Dover White Wash is pigment free--a traditional white wash. Simply White is just simply white.  Choose this color to distress for a wonderful shabby chic look or pair it up with a deep color for stark contrast.  Color of the year in 2016, white is great for cabinets and instantly updates any old furniture.

  • no VOCs
  • non-toxic
  • safe indoors--even around children and pets
  • 100% sourced and made in the USA
  • 100% natural

Learn more about painting with detailed, step by step directions for painting furniture using CeCe's Paints with a How To Chalk + Clay Paint Guide.  A free copy is shipped with every paint order.


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