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Our most popular colors curated into sample collections.  Perfect for creating fantastic DIY decor and gifts as well as the ever-popular hand painted signs and also handy for choosing the perfect gray for the dresser or buffet that need a coat of paint.  

CeCe Caldwell's Chalk + Clay Paints are 100% natural and made in the USA.  They have no VOCs or toxins and clean up easily making them perfect for indoor use and family crafting sessions.

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Baby It's Cold Sampler
Try five colors carefully chosen to make your winter crafting convey the season.  Consisting of...
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Blue/Green, Green/Blue...
Which came first?  The blue or the green?  The green or the blue?  This collection...
$ 49.75 $ 44.95
Light Neutrals Sampler
Trying to decide what color best coordinates with your walls/trim/flooring/furniture?  Wanting to test a few...
$ 49.75 $ 44.95
Holiday Sampler
The Holiday Sampler is a collection of our most popular colors for creating fabulous DIY...
$ 49.75 $ 44.95