About Vintage Bette

We restyle, refinish, repaint and restore furniture and home accents as well as repurpose old things into new things.  Along the way we love to share our experiences and show everyone how anyone can do it too!  This site is a combination blog and store.  You can order any CeCe Caldwell's Chalk + Clay Paints, Stains and Finishes you need (along with some sweet hardware and a few brushes) and/or you can cruise the blog and learn something new and/or gather inspiration.  

'We' consists of Chris and Misty Rigdon...high school sweethearts, parents, dog-owners, entrepreneurs and lovers of all things mountains and outdoors.  We are continually looking for the next adventure in life, leisure and business. Misty is the creative and Chris is the developer (for real, check him out at DigitalSnorkel).  Misty refinishes furniture, flips it, restyles it and sometimes it still ends up in pieces and parted out to make something else entirely.  Chris helps by turning what used to be a drawer into a media shelf and often is called upon to cut wood because Misty is scared of power saws. 

Chris and Misty Rigdon of Vintage Bette CeCe Caldwell's Chalk + Clay Paints retailers in Colorado

Misty is always restyling old or out-of-date furniture and has been for many many years.  She has tried all the trendy paints and has learned many many lessons through the generosity of bloggers, her family, as well as 'the hard way'.  As their youngest child becomes older and more independent she is finding herself with more time to devote to her passion in a professional way.  With a retail background, her ability to teach, a degree in public relations and her passion for creativity it made sense for her to host a blog and sell her creations locally in Colorado Springs, CO, as well as the products she uses online.  It also helps (not just a little) that her hubs is a rockstar web developer with sick skills.

In order to begin the journey it became necessary to choose a product and it was the easiest decision of all.  CeCe Caldwell's 100% Natural Paints products was a natural fit.  Not only was it Misty's favorite paint she kept returning to over and over but once researched, the company stood for all the same things Misty and Chris stand for and their missions could all enhance and help the other.  Visit our xxxxxx page for more specific reasons and all you need to know (and more) about CCCP.

If you are here to shop, please by all means, proceed!  If you are here to learn something you will want to go to our blog.  If you are here for inspiration you might want to cruise around and explore.  Most of all, enjoy our little site and leave comments, share and follow us on all the appropriate and relevant social networks.

You can find us at 10110 Coyote Gulch Court, Colorado Springs, CO 80924, call us at 816-645-3298 or email misty@vintagebette.com.