Clear Glaze

Clear Glaze

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Clear Glaze by CeCe Caldwell's Paints Products is a great enhancement for your projects and can be the final finish for pieces that won't be handled and touched frequently like picture frames or decor/accent pieces. Clear Glaze can be applied straight from the can and can be tinted with universal tints, dry pigments or even with CeCe Caldwell's Paints for a custom look. Glaze not only provides light protection for your project but more importantly, adds depth and character, even when applied clear, by accenting the pigment and brush strokes of your wonderful paint.
To learn about how to use Clear Glaze see the How To Tint Glaze Guide and the How To Clear Glaze Guide at Vintage Bette. These are printable but we include a copy of  each How To Guide with its product orders.


Clear Glaze is a no-VOC, water-based enhancement you can dilute with water, or tint with pigment, tint or paint.  It is not a durable finish, though, so to ensure you have the best sealed surface, use one the finishes by Cece Caldwell's Paints in your choice of sheen to accomplish the look you are after.

Cece Caldwell's Satin and Endurance Finishes, and Clear Glaze settle during shipping. Be sure to stir (DO NOT SHAKE!) the product before applying to ensure consistent product disbursement for a complete finish.

More tips, information, and instructions for using Enhancements by Cece Caldwell's Chalk + Clay Paints.

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